About Us

Established in 2002, Anqiu Xinli Chemical Co., Ltd. currently employs 60 people and occupies a total area of 18876.1 square meters. Now, we are mainly engaged in the production of barium carbonate and by-product sodium hydrosulfide. Following market changes, our company changed its products to strontium carbonate and by-product sodium hydrosulfide in 2006, and went through the environmental review approval in that year. In 2017, our company changed the by-product into sodium metabisulfite, and got the acceptance certificate in 2019 successfully.

Our company invests in renovation and upgrading year by year. Our company has invested in a series of projects since 2011, including equipment renewal of production line, environmental protection facilities and equipment, factory renovation, new strontium chloride production line, sodium metabisulfite production lin and high-purity product plant, etc.

With complete production procedures such as project initiation, planning, environmental protection, and land, etc, our company currently equipped with several apparatus, high-purity product plants and corresponding environmental protection facilities, including one set of 5,000 t/a of strontium carbonate production line, a set of 3,000 t/a of sodium metabisulfite production line and a set of strontium chloride production line, etc. In addition, we have about 2,500 square meters of plants, warehouses and offices.

Under the support of a professional market service team, production management team and the quality control team, we strive to provide customers with a steady stream of products and value-added services through excellent product quality, reasonably priced products and impeccable services.